Past in 2017

Astus by Astusboats

Sailing together


  • From April 29th until May 1st, 2017: Weekend of May 1st the lake ForÍt d'Orient

  • From May 24th until May 28th 2017 : weekend of the Ascension on the Grevelingenmeer (Bruinisse)

  • From June 3rd until June 5th 2017:  weekend of Pentecost on the Grevelingenmeer (Bruinisse)  (the following)

  • July - Augustus 2017 :  Lac Vattern - Canal GŲta - Stockholm (roundtrip).

  • From July 14th until July 16th 2017: Astus owner navigation in Quiberon Bay

  • From October 21th until October 22th 2017 : last navigation to Val Joly

  • From December 2nd to December 10th 2017 :  Paris Boat Show


Please contact if you are interested in either project.