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WE from 8 to 12 May 2013





Astus by Astusboats

 Sailing together

Week-end of 8 to 12 May 2013

 Here is the information about this event :

Organizer : Robert de Thibault

Date : from Wednesday 8th to Sunday 12 May , 2012, on the Veerse Meer

Location : Camping "Paardekreek" à Kortgene

Contact Personrdethibault@gmail.com

                                  GSM :   00/32/(0)472.75.63.13

Likely Participants :  Robert and Claire de Thibault and their children
                                       Christophe and  Laurence Claisse and their children
                                        Laurent and Frédérique Sevar, and their children
                                        Thomas Van Langenhove
                                        Dominique and Sylvie Destriez (samedi)

Price : for the entire period of the Ascension (May 8 to 12,2013) :205 € TTC
           for  5  people  (location, comfort, electricity, showers)
           Otherwise, 35 €/day for 2 peoples + 5 €/day/person extra

Practicle information

                     reservation by email paardekreek@ardoer.com or
                     by phone at  00/31/(0)113-302051
                     ou contact me via Email

Test the Astus 20.2 S  + Astus 18.2  :  contact me GSM : 00/32/472.75.63.13

For further information :please contact mer

Miscellaneous : the map of camping :


Thank you to communicate to the organizer if in principe you are interested and / or will be attending (subject to weather correct).

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