WE of 24 to 25 August 2013




Astus by Astusboats

 Sailing together

Week-end of 24 to 25 August 2013  

Here is information about this release :

Organizer : Robert de Thibault

Date : Saturday, August 24 to Sunday 25 August , at Lac d'Orient

Location : Base of Club Nautique des Hauts de Seine


Participants :  Robert  de Thibault and their children,
                           Christophe and Laurence Claisse
                           Alain and Monique Cambier
                           Pascal and Emilie Hennequin
                           Dominique Prince (?)

Practical information :

The nautical base of CNHS may welcome us and make our provision for car parking, a place for tents, BBQ area, toilets, a dining room, a kitchen and changing rooms, and a slope of up to water, a place to dock depending on options or buoy.

: camping : 5,30 / day / person
              launching boat : 11   / day / ship
              Club membership : 16 for the group and stay

Various: possibility of carrying out a test of Astus 18.2 Sport.
                 Contact me by email if you are interested.

For further information : the head of the base  : base.cnhs@orange.fr


Miscellaneous : .....


Thank you to inform the organizer if in principe you are interested and / or be present (subject to weather correct).


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