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ASTUS 20.2

ASTUS 20.2 and its sport model Astus 20.2S have been presented at the Paris Nautic 2009 exhibition.

Following to the launching of Astus 20.1 in 2005 and of its 75 models production,
its successor has now arrived.

Astus 20.2 was born from the desire of bringing improvement and of meeting your requirements.

The sailing programme is the same as the 20.1 : the 20.2 is a transportable trimaran easy to move from one place to an other one, can be used by one person or by a small team for a one of several days raids and is also a family multicoque for a one day outings (Day Boats)

The new model has more modern shapes and more sport lines, and use again the concepts of the Astus 20.1 wich have been thoroughly tried and tested and to wich some improvements were brought :

A trimaran wiht many advantages.

  • Speed : an outstanding weight/sail ratio : 24 m2 upwind for 350 kg.
                 Few water entries with the water deflectors stepped hull.

  • Stability : each float makes 650 litres that's to say 150 litres more then the 20.1,
                    Width was also increased to reach 4.25 m.

  • Safety : the central hull and the floats show a high floatbility potential.

  • Weak draught : daggerboard and pivoting rudder, ideal for coast navigation and coming alongside the beach.

  • Quick to flod and without any dismantlement ashore or when sailing (to put in a catway).

A simple and pragmatic use : easy to transport and to handle.

  • A 350 kg weight.

  • Telescopic floats wich thanks to the cotter pins allow to pass from a 4.25 m to a 2.40 m width and vice versa without being obliged to disantle the floats.

  • A mast easy to step up, 15 kg light, with a 7.50 m height.

  • On the 20.2, a lateral mast position will allow an easy stepping of the mast.

A single person is able to rig it and to launch it to water in less than 20 mn.
The advantage is obvious : possibility of changing place and of sailing alone...

A comfortable boat.

  • The vast 2.5 m cockpit is protected by backs with lockers for the storage.

  • The position of the front beams allows to easy enter the cabin.

  • Bigger trampolines of 2.75 m lenght, belong to the navigation sace, which reresents a total surface including the cockpit of 11.5 m2

    - The cabin with the bunk of 115 cm width and 220 cm lenght and more ergonomic allows the storage of all the materials and can be a safe shelter for the children.

    - A front locker used as chain locker and where it is possible to store the fenders.

A rational construction.

The boatyard has chosen a polyester contruction which allows a better cost production, and which is resistant and easy to maintain.

2 versions.

  • A family version to quietly sail at a very competitive price.

  • A sport version to meet the requirement of the Astus 20.2 S regatta team.


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