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     Représentant Astus pour la Belgique

Sailing together

ASTUS 20.2 Limited Edition Sport +

On the occasion of the 50th Astus 20.2 and the Paris Boat Show 2011, Jean-Hubert Pommois is pleased to present the new Astus 20.2 Sport +.

The ideal day boat for the regatta.

The day boat must be able to combine lightness, speed and stability, ride comfort and ease of handling, for sailing solo or more....

It differs from the Sport version with :   - a hull made of infusion.

                                                        - a carbon rig (Mast, boom and sprit).

                                                        - a red gelcoat hull and deck gray.

                                                        - two-color Mylar sails PX Black.

                                                        - a hardware Karver.


This limited edition is available and costs €26,900 VAT during the Nautic 2011 (instead of €28,500)