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Astus by Astusboats

 Dealer Astus voor Benelux

Sailing together

-----   2016, return to Corsica ... 

Already 8 years Sailingtogether exists. We always pleased to see us,  to share our tips and tricks at the accommodation and sail together depending on our availability, our vacations, our desires, our projects.

After a getaway in the North, this year it will be to the south. Respect the alternation!

The new Astus 24 responded well to our expectation last year by browsing 400 nautical miles between Copenhagen and Kalmar despite a sometimes unpredictable weather.

This year, we return our traditional appointment: Lake Orient Forest, Zeeland, the Gulf of Morbihan or the English Channel, Corsica, the North Sea, the Paris Boat Show.

Also thank you to all the Gentiles Organizers do we discover little known other Gentiles Members corners, I invite those who wish to make us their playgrounds to contact us.

For newcomers, know that "Sailing Together" is now over seven years, we are one big family (both literally and figuratively) which is found several times a year and that the common thread that unites us all is browsing our transportable multihulls.

Indeed, in northern France, Belgium and southern Netherlands, the trips organized  on the large blue, we seem far away. Nevertheless, we are some happy owners of multihull transportable to navigate but also beautifull lands even though they may be more cold and rainy.

Why not then put our experience and our projects have in common ? It is the purpose of this website.

Then, notice to all happy owners multihull transportable (Magnum, Astus, Weta and others) : come join us and share your passion.

Feel free to share your projects, even for a day. I will try to put the information at best.

Interested   :   rdethibault@gmail.com

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